Matt leblanc and jennifer aniston dating

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Matt Le Blanc’s father Paul revealed in a tell-all interview that his son used to brag about hooking up with Jennifer Aniston in their dressing rooms on the set of Friends, while she was still married to Brad Pitt!

Obviously, this bombshell changes everything, and basically will rewrite history.

Lisa Kudrow largely managed to avoid any rumors of her dating or hooking up with costars, since she was married throughout most of the show's airing (and remains married to the same Michael Stern even today).

Hopefully, now that the show has been over for over a decade, the cast will be able to give the public a few juicy details.

But there's a bright side to the fact that this isn't an episode: NBC host Andy Cohen will be lobbing questions at the actors, which means we may just finally find out — did any of the drunken hookup happen, right? Besides, over the ten years of episodes, their characters all hooked up with each other and each others' partners quite a bit.Counteney Cox was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People of 1995 and appeared on the cover.Matt Le Blanc was down to his last dollars when he got the part on Friends.But because it still looked good they decided to leave it there.Courteney Cox originally read to play the part of Rachel Lisa Kudrow was picked to play the part of Roz Doyle on Frasier but the producers and writers decided that they were changing the character too much to fit Lisa's personality and dropped her in favor of actress Peri Gilpin before the pilot was shot.

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