1938 dating guide for single women

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Some gestures were considered gaudy and others were practically forbidden to be made in public. Be alert and if you have to chew a gum (preferable not) do this thing quietly, with your mouth closed. Men don’t like women that borrow their handkerchiefs and stain them with lipstick.

Here are ten tips that single women received in 1938 in the Click Photo-Parade magazine. Get dressed inside your boudoir to maintain attraction.

If you want that guy in your life, pretend to take interest in him.

And learn the act of being unconscious while still looking conscious. 1938, a time which we suppose wasn’t very different from now, is the year these dating tips were inflicted on women who wanted to land the perfect man.

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Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.Be ready when your man arrives at home because you don’t want him to wait for you. Do not lift the griddle of your clothes and pay attention to your stockings because you don’t want them to be rippled. Do not use the rear view mirror to fix your makeup in the car.Advice on dating has always been a little obvious, but this dating guide for single women from 1938 takes it to another level.I’m not sure whoever wrote this had ever actually met a women or had done any research, but none the less it’s worth a read for it’s comic value alone.

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